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i want much more than this provincial life
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26th-Jul-2009 10:25 pm - FIC REPOST

Thanks to [info]tabiji for letting me know that something was screwy with this fic. It was fun going back and reading this. I can't believe it was three years ago!


TITLE Take My Hand and Let's Walk in the Snow
AUTHOR [info]immortal_muse
DISCLAIMER These characters do not belong to me.
SUMMARY A couple takes a walk that changes their future.

FICCollapse )
26th-Jul-2009 10:07 pm - Yikes!
I've missed LJ! I don't know why I've been away for so long. So much has changed and there are so many new H/D stories to read. Where do I begin?!?!?!?!
21st-Apr-2007 09:57 am - HE'S HERE!!!!!!!

My nephew, Jackson James, was born on April 19th at 9:12pm. He's healthy, happy, and absolutely wonderful.

We have set up a welcome site for him. Check it out here. 

Mother's Last Name: Guay
Secret Word: lebron

There are tons more pictures to follow, so keep an eye out.

13th-Feb-2007 08:41 pm - GAH!!!!!! Jesse and Jennifer. <3

How did I miss this?

So totally cute! I'm so happy for them. I feel like I should send a wedding gift or something.

12th-Feb-2007 11:54 pm - My New Community!
I'm promoting my brand spankin' new community fairly_lovely

Go on, check it out. You'll find all the info you need right in the profile. If it looks like something you'd be interested in, then feel free to join. If you just wanna watch, that's cool too.

9th-Feb-2007 11:15 am - BAH! This was just too funny.
Dear Cupid,

This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

Enchanted_jae was video taping me while I was changing then put it up on the internet and now I’m a huge star.
Izzyl78 and I went to the public restrooms and hooked up through the stall.
Jennavere told me I looked awesome without my clothes on which made me invest in some curtains.

So, as you can see, it's been a hectic year. Can you please make Bayb43 fall in love with me this Valentine's day?

Sincerely, Katelyn

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( or, take the work-safe version at QuizGalaxy.com )
1st-Feb-2007 11:33 am - *points to awesome new Scar icon*
I got one of those 3D puzzles last week. It was Cinderella's Castle. OMG it was so hard! But I finished it and it's beautiful. I have it displayed in my room. I just ordered Camelot and Notre Dame. It says those ones are harder than Cinderella's Castle. It'll be fun though. It's a nice stress reliever.

You know what else works good for stress? Coloring books. I'm not kidding. I bought a couple of Disney Princess coloring books and a box of 96 Crayola crayons. I do a couple of pages when I'm not doing anything. I'm sure I look completely ridiculous, but it's a blast. Some of the colors have funny names. My favorites are Asparagus and Purple Mountains Majesty. Why is Cornflower blue? I guess I just assumed that would be like a yellow color. *shrugs*

They cut my hours at work. Without even telling me they were going to. They know that I'm not going back to school this semester. If I'm not going to school and working just 15 hours a week, what am I supposed to do? I certainly can't afford to work only 15 hours a week. *sighs* Oh well. I guess it just leaves more time for puzzles and coloring. *is a dork*

It's probably kind of obvious already, but I've been in this Disney mood for the past few weeks. I think I've watched Cinderella three times since I bought it last week on DVD. I also watched Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid. Oh yeah...and Aladdin and The Return of Jafar. They're all just so classic. I just feel like a little kid watching them...and I love it. My mom thinks it's funny cause she's knows that I never want to grow up. Why should I grow up? *ponders* Okay...I got nothing.

Wait...I just thought of one. DANIEL RADCLIFFE AND HIS OMG-SHAG-ME-NOW-BODY! *flails*
21st-Dec-2006 04:32 pm - *gasps*

*flails about madly*
20th-Dec-2006 09:40 pm - Christmas Pressie for enchanted_jae
Title: Take My Hand and Let's Walk In the Snow
Author: immortal_muse
Pairing: H/D
Word Count: 1032
Warnings: Fluff
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and I'm totally not getting paid for this.
Summary: A couple takes a walk that changes their future.
Author's Note: This fic was written as a XMAS present to
enchanted_jae. She has single-handedly fueled my Harry/Draco addiction with her heart-melting fics. In other words...if pot were my addiction of choice, Jae would be my number one dealer. That is code for I LOVE YOU JAE! Keep up the good work and I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas.

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hd_fluff and immortal_muse
15th-Dec-2006 09:47 am - soooooo tired!

last exam...DONE!

I am so behind on my flist. *flails* But it's okay now, cause I have all the time in the world to catch up. And OMG I miss B7Y, I need to catch up on that too and get back into the action. 

Oh yeah...so I go to return my textbooks today. I had four pretty large books which cost me a few hundred at the beginning of the semester. The dude at the bookstore said that they could only take two of them back and he only gave me 50 bucks for the other two. Now I'm stuck with two mammoth size science textbooks. Good god...at least they could have taken them off my hands.

Does anybody watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel? Well I do...and OMG I love it. Of course, it is absolutely disgusting watching him do some of these things. But you wouldn't believe it...I totally have the BIGGEST crush on Mike Rowe. He's just got the greatest personallity and it's just amazing to watch him work. He never fails to make me laugh. The only crappy thing about it is that the new episodes are on Tuesday nights at 9pm. And what other show airs new episodes at 9pm on Tuesday nights? HOUSE!!!!!!!!! It's actually no big deal cause I got teh TIVO, which is teh sweetest.

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